Question: How Do I Boost My Indiegogo Campaign?

How can I improve my campaign?

6 Proven Marketing Strategies to Improve Your CampaignsImprove your marketing campaigns with targeting.

Improve campaigns by tailoring.

Leverage trigger marketing.

Measure your marketing strategy results – track success.

Test to see how well your marketing campaign is performing.

Toss what doesn’t work.

Marketing campaign management tools to consider..

How do you promote a social media campaign?

13 Proven Tips on Running Successful Social Media CampaignsUse existing platforms in a unique way.Experiment with new, emerging platforms.Get your audience involved.Tap into trending topics creatively.Let your audience be part of the experience live.Be creative with constraints.More items…

Does Indiegogo charge immediately?

Since Kickstarter is all or nothing, backers will only be charged at the end of the campaign, if the goal was fulfilled. For Indiegogo, a backer’s card will be charged right away.

Can you extend an Indiegogo campaign?

Campaign’s deadlines can only be extended, never shortened or pulled forward. If your campaign is currently set to run for less than 60 days, you will be able to extend it one time. If your campaign is already at the max.

How do I increase my crowdfunding campaign?

6 Crowdfunding Promotion Tips to Boost Your CampaignWork with Influencers. Working with social media influencers, even micro influencers, can potentially be a great crowdfunding promotion strategy. … Use Video Marketing on Social Media. … Show Your Backers Appreciation. … Promote Your Campaign at Local Events. … Join Forums. … Partner with Marketing Professionals.

Who owns Indiegogo?

Fifteen million people visit the site each month… ScreenshotOwnerIndiegogo, Inc.Created bySlava Rubin Danae Ringelmann Eric 20085 more rows

What percentage does Indiegogo take?

five percentIndiegogo charges a five percent (5%) platform fee on all funds raised for your campaign. Fees are calculated and deducted from the funds you actually raise (not the goal you set). Our payment processor also charges a processing fee that varies according to your location and currency.

How do I boost my Kickstarter campaign?

6 Effective Ways To Boost Your Kickstarter CampaignInvest in Facebook Marketing. Facebook has exploded as an effective way to get new customers for your online store. … Re-think Your Reward Tiers and Messaging. … Invest in PR Outreach. … Consider Paid Promotional Services. … Create Add-ons and Stretch Goals. … Hire Instagram Influencers.

What makes a social media campaign successful?

First and foremost, you should communicate directly with your followers instead of only posting general messages to your page. The objective of social media marketing is to foster a community and establish connections between your small business and its loyal customers.

How long should a social media campaign last?

Medium length campaigns can last anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months, although you could argue it’s better to measure a campaign by quarter.

Can you cancel an Indiegogo campaign?

For InDemand campaigns, backers may request a refund from Indiegogo up to ten (10) days after the contribution was made unless the perk(s) has been “Locked” or “Shipped” by the campaign owner. … Indiegogo reserves the right to terminate user accounts and remove campaigns for any abuse of this Refund Policy.

Which is better Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Probably the biggest difference between the two platforms is their approach to money and when you get it. Kickstarter releases funds only after the campaign reaches its funding goal. Indiegogo provides you with an opportunity to choose between receiving funding as it comes in, or waiting to see if you hit your target.

What happens if an Indiegogo campaign fails?

If your campaign does not meet its goal by its deadline, all your backers will be refunded by Indiegogo within 5-7 business days. Choose fixed funding only if your campaign objective requires a minimum amount of money to be accomplished, and if you cannot fulfill your perks without raising the full goal amount.

Can you make money on Indiegogo?

If you haven’t, Indiegogo is an online crowdfunding platform where you can raise money for technology-related, artistic, fashion, or comic book projects. They also have project categories on the platform like design, dance, film, food, gaming, music, and more.

Can you get scammed on Indiegogo?

Please do not buy any product from Indiegogo website or invest any money. These people are totally scam and scam. … That means backers were never updated and never received what they paid for to get the product off the ground.