Question: How Do I Get An Internet Radio Stream URL?

How do I listen to Icecast?

Just navigate your web browser to host/port the Icecast server is listening on.

If you are a Windows user, make sure you started the Icecast server and then click on the shortcut in the Startmenu, it will open the Icecats status page in your browser..

What is Icecast radio?

ICEcast is a streaming server that allows radio stations to effectively broadcast audio online (this is known as webcasting). It is powerful and stable, meaning you can throw all of your internet radio traffic at it without having crashes or other problems.

How do I find the URL for my internet radio?

Right clicking on the name and choosing ‘Properties’ will reveal the streaming URL address under ‘Location’. If the stream is being played by Real Player, then you can view the streaming URL by selecting ‘View Clip Info’ under the menu bar ‘File’ option.

How do I find the URL of a streaming website?

View the live broadcast URL using a web browserOpen the channel’s status page and copy the live broadcast URL. From the Channels menu, select a channel and click Status. … Alternatively, open the Info page to get the live broadcast URL. From the Configuration menu, click Info and then click View for the channel you want to share the broadcast URL.

How do I get a Shoutcast stream URL?

Shoutcast V1. Go to URL http://shoutcast-server-ip:port/ then click on “Listen“, download .pls file http://shoutcast-server-ip:port/listen.pls, open it in any text editor to get Shoutcast V1 Streaming URL. … Shoutcast V2. … Icecast.

What is streaming URL?

Your live stream URL is a unique web address, which carries your live audio stream every time you broadcast (For the technically minded, it’s a 128kbps MP3 stream, Icecast compatible, and will work with almost all browsers and listening clients). …

How do I play Internet radio on VLC?

VLC HowTo/Listen to online radioIf not already visible, open the playlist sidebar through View → Playlist.Scroll down the sidebar, if necessary, to the section Internet.Click the entry Icecast Radio Directory.Select a listing.

How do I stream Shoutcast?

Winamp + Shoutcast Quickstart – 8 Easy Steps to StreamingStep 1 – Install Winamp. … Step 2 – Install the Shoutcast DSP Plugin. … Step 3 – Start the Shoutcast DSP Plugin. … Step 4 – Enter the Shoutcast Server settings. … Step 5 – Set up the Encoder. … Step 6 – Set up your Station Details. … Step 7 – Choose the audio source. … Step 8 – Start streaming.

How do I get internet radio on my Denon receiver?

Press ONLINE MUSIC. You can also press INTERNET RADIO to select the input source “Internet Radio” directly. to select “Internet Radio”, then press ENTER. to select the search method for the radio station that you wish to playback and then press ENTER.

How do I listen to Shoutcast streaming?

Visit Enter your station name in the search box. Wait for the search engine to locate your radio station. Click on the “Listen” link next to your station.

How do you make an internet radio station?

As soon as you’re logged in, you can start building your online radio station by programming content and adding/selecting DJs and contributors.Step 1: Set up your station, time zone and user roles. … Step 2: Add other DJs or Program Managers. … Step 3: Upload Audio. … Step 4: Create your first radio show.More items…•

How do I play radio on Windows Media Player?

How to Stream Internet Radio Using WMP 11With Windows Media Player open, right-click the blank space next to the arrows at the top left corner of the program.Navigate to View > Online Stores > Media Guide. … With Media Guide open, click the Radio button. … Left-click a station to select it.More items…•