Question: How Much Is A Pallet Jack Worth?

Does Home Depot rent pallet jacks?

You can rent a hand truck or an appliance dolly.

We even offer heavy-duty pallet jack rentals.

Come to the Tool Rental Center at your local Home Depot..

How much do a pallet jack cost?

Compare with similar itemsThis item PALLET JACK 27×48. CAPACITY – 5,500 Lbs. HAND PALLET TRUCK STANDARDCARBO GLIDE 6000 Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack 5500 lbs/Hand Pallet Truck 27x48Customer Rating3.8 out of 5 stars (6)4.7 out of 5 stars (12)PriceFrom $302.00$449.00$449.00Sold ByAvailable from these sellersCARBO USA2 more rows

How much can a standard pallet jack lift?

Standard pallet jacks have a max lifting capacity of between 3-5,500 LBS. Higher capacity hand pallet jacks will have a considerably higher price, and so you should avoid paying for them unless you need that higher lifting capacity.

Does Home Depot sell pallet jacks?

Pallet Jack 6000 LB Rental – The Home Depot.

Does Harbor Freight sell pallet jacks?

Pallet Jacks – Harbor Freight Tools.

How heavy is a pallet jack?

about 185 poundsYou can expect an average pallet jack weight to be about 185 pounds (84 kg). The average pallet jack can lift about 5,000 pounds (2,268 kg). Lifting capacity and weight will also vary whether it’s manual or electric. The pallet jack is the little brother to the forklift.

Who makes the best pallet jack?

9 Best Pallet JacksCrown PTH Heavy Duty Pallet Jack. Best Feature: Most Durable Pallet Jack. … Pake Handling Tools Heavy Duty Pallet Jack. … Flybold Heavy Duty Hand Pallet Truck. … Mighty Lift Pallet Truck (ML55-2) … Strongway Pallet Jack. … Global Industries Pallet Truck. … Mighty Lift Narrow Specialty Pallet Truck. … SAGA Pallet Truck with Digital Scale.More items…

Do you need a Licence for a pallet truck?

Equipment Classification: Electric pallet jacks are classified as pedestrian-operated lift trucks and do not require a National HRW Licence to operate. However, employers should maintain training records and verification of competency for authorised operators.

Should you push or pull a pallet jack?

A pallet jacks is a quite simple device that allows a person to pick up and move a palletized load which can weigh several times that of the operator. … That’s why when the choice to push or pull a pallet jack arises, it’s generally safer to push it. A worker is strongest when pushing with his legs for a foundation.