Question: Is The Real Real A Legit Website?

What is the real real website?

The RealReal, Inc.

is an online and brick-and-mortar marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment.

Based on the circular economy, The RealReal sells consigned clothing, fine jewelry, watches, fine art and home decor..

What brands does the real real take?

Designer Directory for PantsAcne Studios.Alexander McQueen.Alexander Wang.Apiece Apart.Balmain.Celine.Chanel.ChloéMore items…

Where does the real real ship from?

All orders shipped to addresses outside of the United States are shipped via UPS Worldwide Expedited….Delivery Timeframe and Fees.DestinationDelivery TimeCostCanada, Mexico, Puerto Rico3 – 6 business days$30 USDEurope4 – 6 business days$40 USDMiddle East, Asia Pacific, Australia4 – 7 business days$50 USD

Is the real real profitable?

The RealReal, which has more than 1,700 employees, is not profitable — and does not appear to be worried about making money, at least for now. The company’s revenue jumped more than 50 percent last year, and its loss widened by more that 40 percent, to $76 million.

Does the real real pay upfront?

Our sell upfront program allows you to sell select watches, fine jewelry, handbags and sneakers, and get paid upfront, without waiting for your items to sell. You can choose payment in cash or site credit (+10%), which you will receive within two weeks.

What is the real real commission?

For items $1,500 or less, The RealReal offers a 55% commission, for example, while it pays up to 80% on fine watches. ThredUp’s overall commission structure is also tiered, but in smaller increments with different prices for women’s and children’s clothing.

Does the real real clean items?

Consigned items must be clean and wearable. We inspect each item carefully to guarantee quality, authenticity and condition. Each accepted item is categorized as Pristine, Excellent, Very Good or Good.

Can you return on the real real?

What is your return policy? Returns must be requested within 14 days of in-store purchase or original shipment date of online orders. All items must be received by The RealReal within 21 days of in-store purchase or original shipment date.

How do I cancel an order on RealReal?

This means we are unable to cancel orders once they have entered the shipping process, which occurs within 15 minutes of placing an order during business hours. To find out if your order is eligible for cancellation, please contact customer service at or 855.435. 5893 ext. 1.

What percentage does the real real take?

50%(e) A Commission Rate of i) 50% will always apply for any items priced between $146 and $195 and (ii) 40% will always apply for any items priced under $145, regardless of the amount of Net Sales you have achieved in the applicable Commission Window, your starting Commission Rate for any Commission Window, or any other …

Who owns real real?

Julie WainwrightIn 2011, Founder and CEO Julie Wainwright started The RealReal out of her home, working at her kitchen table and visiting consignors at their homes with a U-Haul.

Is the real real in Canada?

FRR Canada | The RealReal.

How does the real real make money?

The RealReal makes money via the consignment fee it collects on every sale as well as a monthly membership fee in exchange for exclusive product access. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in San Francisco, the company has quickly risen to become one of the world’s leading luxury marketplaces.

Which resale site is best?

Here are top online consignment shops for selling clothes online:ThredUp.The RealReal.Poshmark.Vestiaire Collective.Worthy.Kidizen.

Is Therealreal legit Reddit?

I do trust therealreal, yes. I buy stuff there all of the time and haven’t had an issue. … I’ve bought many things on the RealReal and have never had an issue.

Does the RealReal require signature?

The RealReal requires a signature for orders with any item over $5,000. UPS will need to obtain a signature from an adult 21 or older.