Quick Answer: Can Uber Drivers Deliver Packages?

Will Uber deliver a bag?

Insulated delivery bags are optional, but we’ve heard from other delivery people who deliver with the Uber Eats app that such bags help prevent odors and keep the food warm..

Can you fit a mattress in an uber XL?

It will fit in a uhaul van, but definitely not in an SUV, you’d have to put it on the top.

Will Uber pick up a prescription?

With COVID-19 cases still on the rise across the US, getting to a pharmacy to pick up prescriptions can be challenging for many and nearly impossible for some. Leveraging Uber Direct, we’ve integrated with on-demand prescription delivery platform NimbleRx to help deliver medication to those who need it.

Can Uber transport items?

Deliver or drop off items No one needs to drive all the way across town—request an uberX and ask your driver to deliver small value items to your location. The ETA tracker can keep you posted on when to come outside and grab the item.

Can I only deliver food with uber?

You can choose to drive for UberEats only. Yes, you can. Once you are signed up as an Uber driver, you will be able to choose, within the app, what types of request you would like to receive. … You still have to go through the process of becoming a driver, whether you are driving for UberEats or UberX.