Quick Answer: Can You Wear Brown Shoes With A Gray Suit?

Can you wear a gray suit to a wedding?


Wear a dark suit or tuxedo.

For a Formal wedding, dark suits (ex.

black, charcoal grey, midnight blue) are most appropriate..

Do black shoes go with navy suit?

Black shoes pair well with navy suits, particularly the darker shades. The classic, dress shoe shade is ideal for dressing up navy suits and making them appear more sophisticated. Whether you choose, oxfords, loafers, brogues, or monk-strap shoes, you’ll have a great combination on your hands.

Do brown shoes go with jeans?

It may surprise you but colored denim – provided it is the right fit and length – can work with black or dark brown dress shoes. The main thing to make sure of is that there is enough contrast between the shoes and the jeans so they do not appear to match exactly.

What color goes with a gray suit?

A grey suit of any tone will always match a crisp white shirt. To cultivate a little more distinction, wear a blue or light blue shirt with your grey suit.

What color shirt goes with GREY suit and brown shoes?

If wearing a crisp, white shirt with a grey suit and brown shoes, a classic complementary color is navy; navy for the tie and pocket square, and maybe a navy pattern for the socks.

What color shoes do you wear with a brown suit?

Matching the Shoe Color The simple rule is, for a medium brown, your shoes should be a contrasting shade of brown. You don’t want the shoes to match the suit too closely. If the suit is a particularly deep shade of brown, consider something like a dark cognac or oxblood to create contrast.

What color shoes should a man wear with a GREY suit?

The most popular choice is brown but almost any shoe color will also match this suit. Gray suits pair well with a variety of colors including black, lighter brown or camel. Charcoal suits look best with black or dark burgundy shoes.

What do you wear with a gray suit?

What should you wear with a grey suit?Keep your dress shirt in a lighter color like white, light blue, or some sort of check on white. … Regarding your tie and pocket square, go a little lighter in color for casual and/or summertime occasions.Wear a darker tie for more formal occasions.Save your striped ties for the office.More items…•

What color belt do you wear with a GREY suit?

brown leather beltA grey suit and a brown leather belt are the kind of a never-failing off-duty outfit that you need when you have no extra time.

Can I wear a brown suit to a wedding?

You can even wear brown to a wedding “I would never recommend a brown suit for a summer wedding,” Hunter says, “but a winter wedding or an autumn wedding, particularly if it’s outside and those earth tones are all around you, then a dark brown suit could definitely be a good look.”

What color shirt and tie goes with a brown suit?

Match Tie with Brown Suit & White Shirt Black is the most traditional pairing with this combination, and for a good reason. It is the most formal look you can achieve while wearing a brown suit.

What shoes do I wear with a GREY suit?

The Best Shoe Combinations: Grey Suit – Light or dark brown, black, burgundy or oxblood shoes. Charcoal Suit – Dark brown, burgundy, oxblood or black shoes.