Quick Answer: Do Power Commanders Go Bad?

Is ECU power or flash commander better?

Flashing the ECU changes (potentially) all those controls, and can make your engine feel and perform differently under some or all conditions.

A Power Commander will disconnect some of the engine controls and provide ‘fake’ information to the ECU or modify the ECU controls to the engine..

Is Power Commander V plug and play?

Featuring a plug-and-play kit, Power Commander V can be installed discreetly underneath your seat, ensuring your ride looks as good as it runs.

Do power commanders really work?

Generally, the benefits of a power commander will work best with a full system exhaust (not a slip-on), as it creates more power and allows for a wider range of adjustments. If you’re more performance oriented, then a power commander may be worth the investment to get a smoother, more powerful ride.

Is a Power Commander bad for your bike?

Power Commanders do not harm your bike. They don’t “trick” the OEM ECU. It is nothing more than a piggyback ECU.

Will a power commander lose its map?

If I disconnect my battery will the Power Commander lose it’s map? No, all Power Commanders utilize a nonvolatile memory (it does not require constant power to maintain it). The only way a map can be “erased” is to use a computer to load a new one in place of it.

How much does it cost to install a Power Commander?

You can get the Power Commander for $290 from www.easternperformance.com, install it yourself, put in the map yourself from their website, and save yourself a lot of money on a dyno tune that’s not really needed. For a basic stage 1 upgrade, the Dynojet map on their website for your setup will work fine.

How much faster does a Power Commander Make your bike?

The Power Commander is a tuning tool to adjust fuel, and on some models ignition timing. Just adding a Power Commander to a completely stock vehicle usually does not increase peak horsepower. It usually will improve drivability, throttle response, and mid-range horsepower and torque.

Is the Power Commander V waterproof?

No, the Power Commander is a fully sealed unit. It is not necessary to cover the unit to protect it from water. The most important thing to is to make sure the port plugs are used.

Does a power commander make a big difference?

this smooths out your power curve making power delivery better while gaining a few HP throughout the rev range, so in terms of making your bike run better, especially with an aftermarket slip on & filter, then yes it does make a difference.

Can I use a Power Commander on a different bike?

Yes, you can move your PCV to the other bike as both bikes use the same one (Part # 15-011). You will however need to go to the Power Commander website and download a new map to the PCV that matches your current setup for the 2012.

Do I need a power commander with a full exhaust?

The quick and easy answer to the question is “no.” You don’t “need” to do anything with your bike. In the case of adding a Power Commander with a full aftermarket exhaust, it is possible to get by without one. … For many riders, an exhaust change with no Power Commander can lead to a loss of usable power.

How much is a Power Commander V?

Compare with similar itemsThis item Dynojet (19-001 Power Commander V Fuel Injection ModuleDynojet 21-005 Power Commander V Fuel Injection Module (PCV)Add to CartAdd to CartCustomer Rating5.0 out of 5 stars (1)(0)Price$29999$31999Sold ByRacing PerformanceRacing Performance1 more row