Quick Answer: How Do I Listen To Smooth FM?

Can you play Smooth FM?

You can listen to Smooth Radio online, for free, 24/7 via Global Player, so if you’re online, why not have Smooth Radio in the background?.

What radio number is smooth?

100.4The station was relaunched again as Smooth Radio 100.4 on 26 March 2007. The launch occurred at the same time as London based 102.2 Smooth FM, however Smooth Radio 100.4 continued with its own unique soul music based format.

Why does Smooth FM play the same songs?

If you ever listen to AM/FM radio and wonder why all the stations play the same songs over and over, there’s actually a very simple answer. … To do that, they need to get as many ears on their stations as possible, and they do this by playing the most popular songs as frequently as they can get away with playing them.

What type of music does smooth radio play?

Your Relaxing Music Mix… Smooth Radio brings you a ‘relaxing music mix’. The songs we play are the best from the past five decades. You can now listen to us across the country on FM and AM, on Digital Radio, online via smoothradio.com or on our mobile apps.

What frequency is smooth FM?

smoothfmFrequency95.3 MHz in Sydney & 91.5 MHz in Melbourne (Full List)BrandingSmooth 95.3 & Smooth 91.5 Smooth Digital (Bris, Adl, Per)SloganYour new feel good stationProgrammingLanguage(s)English13 more rows

What was the Smooth FM secret sound?

Congratulations to Janet who won $50,000 today with smooth’s Secret Sound! If you missed it, the sound was “a yoga mat unrolling on the floor.”

What is the frequency for smooth extra?

226.064MHzjohn ashort: Smooth Extra is on the D1 National DAB multiplex, which is on VHF block 11D 226.064MHz.

Can radio stations play any song they want?

As a noncommercial broadcast radio station (that might also stream over the Internet), you cannot simply play any music you want legally; you need permission. Fortunately, you don’t have to go around cutting checks to every band whose music you use. Rather, you can pay to license music in bulk.

How do I find Smooth FM?

Other ways to listen to Smooth Radio:Smooth Radio on DAB Radio.Smooth Radio on FM or AM.Smooth Radio on mobile app.Smooth Radio on smart speakers and devices.Smooth Radio on TV.

What happened to smooth radio?

The refresh has happened following the purchase of GMG Radio by Global Radio, owners of Classic FM, Capital FM, Gold, Heart and Xfm. … This means that the national feed of Smooth Radio on national digital radio will close, with AM frequencies currently broadcasting Gold switching to Smooth Radio.

What has happened to smooth extra radio?

A Global spokesperson said: “Smooth Extra and Heart Extra have been replaced with the national Smooth and Heart broadcast. … The national services will be known as Smooth UK and Heart UK, whilst the local and regional services will continue with their own programmes at Breakfast for Smooth and Drive for Heart.

What station is smooth chill?

Smooth Chill will be available in London on DAB whilst Smooth Country will feature on a number of other multiplexes including Manchester, Nottingham and London.

How do I text smooth radio?

Premium Rate services are accessed by sending a text from your mobile phone to a 5 digit number called a shortcode like Smooth’s on 65588.

How do I get Smooth Radio on DAB?

Smooth Radio on DAB Radio. Smooth Radio on FM or AM. Smooth Radio on mobile app….TV & SatelliteOn Sky Digital channel 0128.On Virgin TV channel 916.Freesat 732.Freeview 718.

What no is smooth FM?

You can listen to smoothfm 95.3 online, for free right here in our radio player. Just select podcast or live radio at the top of every page here at smooth.com.au and hit the play button to listen – simple!

Do Radio DJs choose music?

Despite being on the front line of the BBC’s musical output, Radio 1’s DJs do not choose the vast majority of the tracks they play. … Producers select several playlists weekly, from which DJs choose most of their music. “There is a science to programming Radio 1,” said Mr Ergatoudis.

Why do radios play the same songs over and over?

So to ensure people hear their favourite pop hit anytime they might be tuning in, stations play the odds and keep repeating it throughout the day, regardless of how many times they’ve already played it. It’s simply part of the radio business model.

How can I listen to smooth country?

Smooth Country is now live and available to ‘listen to the most relaxing country songs’ on the Global Player app, and online via the Smooth Radio website. The station “celebrates the very best of country music” and will play country artists from past to present.