Quick Answer: How Do I Upload Documents To Wes?

What if my university is not listed in Wes?

Points are only awarded for education that is recognized.

This means that you will only recieve points for the degrees/diplomas that are recognized in the ECA.

So if WES did not recognize your institution, then CIC will award you no points for the degree or diploma you received from the non-recognized institution..

Can I use Wes US for Canada?

Can I Upgrade Any WES Credential Evaluation? Yes, but a credential evaluation cannot be upgraded for a different country. In other words, you cannot upgrade a U.S. credential evaluation to a Canadian credential evaluation. Similarly, you cannot have a Canadian evaluation upgraded to a U.S. credential evaluation.

Is Wes accepting documents online?

World Education Services (WES) understands this new reality and accepts electronic documents sent from official, verified, and secure electronic sources. … We encourage institutions to contact us, using our Contact Us form, to inquire about sending documents to WES digitally.

What is the fee for Wes?

What is the cost of a WES evaluation? A Document-by-Document evaluation costs $100.00 and a WES Course-by-Course evaluation costs $160. If you require additional services, such as rush service, express delivery or a CPA Board Evaluation, extra charges apply.

How do I send documents to ECA?

You must submit a Document Evaluation Application Form along with a CAD$530 fee as well as the following documents:Birth Certificate.Marriage Certificate.Statutory Supporting Documents if required.University Degree or Diploma Certificate.Transcripts.Licencing Statement.More items…

Does Wes send documents to university for verification?

WES don’t send any document through courier services until the verification is complete and done, if any steps need attention they send it by mail to your sch who sent them the document to ascertain the authentication.

How long is Wes account valid?

five yearsYour WES ECA is valid for five years from the date of issue, and you can continue using your ECA when you submit a new Express Entry profile.

What are the documents needed for Wes?

(Academic credentials are qualifications or titles that you earned at an educational institution. Examples include: a bachelor’s degree, a certificate of accountancy, a diploma in business.) WES provides credential evaluations that verify the authenticity of your documents.

How can I get Wes online?

Here’s our simple, three-step evaluation process:Submit your application and receive your WES reference number.Read our document requirements and send in your documents. Remember to include your WES reference number.We verify your credentials, create your report, and deliver it to your recipients.

Do we need to upload documents for Wes?

Do not upload your academic transcripts or marksheets. … Academic transcripts must be submitted according to the terms listed in your document requirements.

What documents are required for ECA?

What documents do I need to submit for an ECA application?A scanned copy of a government issued identification (ID) showing date of birth.A scanned copy of both sides of the final award (degree/diploma certificate) in its original language.A scanned copy of both sides of the academic record (transcripts/mark sheets) in its original language.More items…

What your ECA report results mean?

An Educational credential assessment (ECA) is used to verify that your foreign degree, diploma, or certificate (or other proof of your credential) is valid and equal to a Canadian one.

Is ECA mandatory for express entry?

If you’re eligible for Express Entry under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, you’ll need an ECA before you can submit to the pool. … While it isn’t required to submit to Express Entry, you may be able to claim additional CRS points for your spouse or partner’s education if they have an ECA.

Can I send transcripts myself to Wes?

Can I submit the documents myself? No. WES only accepts documents in sealed envelopes that are mailed directly by the institutions themselves.