Quick Answer: What Does Ill Prepared Mean?

What is another word for ill equipped?

What is another word for ill-equipped?unqualifiedunfitinaptunableunpreparedinadequateunequippedunsuitableineptinexpert89 more rows.

Is yucky a real word?

Yucky is a very informal adjective meaning gross, disgusting, or unappetizing. It’s based on yuck, which is an informal word you say when you think something is gross or disgusting. … Yucky is associated with its use by children and is often thought of as a childish word.

Is yucky a Scrabble word?

YUCKY is a valid scrabble word.

Are you sick or ill?

In British English, “ill” is used a little more commonly than in the US (especially with the verb “to feel”). In both American and British English, “sick” is the preferred word when someone is physically vomiting or feeling unwell temporarily.

What is the synonym of ill?

SYNONYMS FOR ill 1 unhealthy, ailing, diseased, afflicted. 4 wrong, iniquitous. 9 hurt, pain, affliction, misery. 10 calamity.

Is ill equipped hyphenated?

Are you trying to hyphenate ill-equipped? Unfortunately it cannot be hyphenated because it only contains one syllable.

What is a synonym for inept?

Some common synonyms of inept are awkward, clumsy, gauche, and maladroit.

What does it mean to be ill prepared?

The definition of ill prepared is the state of not being equipped or ready for something. An example of ill prepared is a person who doesn’t have candles or a flashlight when the power goes out.

What does yucky mean?

: causing discomfort, disgust, or a strong feeling of dislike : unpleasant and disgusting. : having an unpleasant feeling in your stomach : somewhat sick. See the full definition for yucky in the English Language Learners Dictionary. yucky.

What does took ill mean?

If you fall ill or are taken ill, you suddenly become ill. Shortly before Christmas, he was mysteriously taken ill.

What is the different between ill and sick?

Sick is the less formal of the two words. It usually describes short-term diseases or ailments, like the flu, and is commonly used to refer to a feeling of nausea. … Ill is more formal and is used to describe long- and short-term diseases or ailments.

How do you use ill in a sentence?

Ill sentence examplesShe felt ill after all Jule told her. … My people never fall ill, and those who are injured, heal. … The count is very, very ill, and you must not see him at all. … “Father, I feel ill,” she whispered. … His mother was very ill and she recently passed away.More items…