What Is The GST On Nitrile Gloves?

What is the HS Code for hand sanitizer?

H2O2 put up as cleaning solutions for surfaces or apparatus….Hand sanitizer (380894) exports by country.ReporterUnited StatesTradeFlowExportProductCode380894Product DescriptionHand sanitizerYear201852 more columns.

Are masks GST free?

GST applies to items not listed in schedule 3 of the GST Act or GST regulations. These include products such as: hand sanitiser. personal protective equipment (PPE) including disposable (face masks, gowns, and gloves) and protective eye wear in the form of goggles, glasses or visors.

Is there GST on hand sanitizers?

“It is stated that hand sanitizers attract GST at the rate of 18 per cent. Sanitisers are disinfectants like soaps, anti-bacterial liquids, etc. which all attract duty standard rate of 18 per cent under the GST regime.

What medical services are GST free?

The health and medical services that are GST-free fall into the following categories:services of a medical practitioner or pathologist.services of allied health practitioners, such as physiotherapists, naturopaths, nurses and optometrists.hospital treatment.residential, community care and specialist disability services.More items…

What is the HS Code of face mask?

Import Data Of Mask Under HS Code 63079090 | Mask Import Data Of IndiaDateHS CodeUnit22/Nov/201663079090PCS21/Nov/201663079090KGS19/Nov/201663079090PCS19/Nov/201663079090PCS6 more rows

How do I calculate GST?

The formula for GST calculation:Add GST: GST Amount = (Original Cost x GST%)/100. Net Price = Original Cost + GST Amount.Remove GST: GST Amount = Original Cost – [Original Cost x {100/(100+GST%)}] Net Price = Original Cost – GST Amount.

Is there tax on masks?

Personal Protective Equipment (known as “PPE”) is taxable in Canada. Face masks, surgical masks, plastic face shields, protective eyewear used in hospitals, protective gowns and garments used in hospitals, surgical and disposable gloves, rubbing alcohol, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, etc.

How can I get GST?

How to Register for GSTGo to official GST portal – https://www.gst.gov.in/ and under the services tab, choose Services > Registration > New Registration. … On the Registration page, enter all the requested details (including your PAN number), email address and mobile number.After entering the details, click proceed.More items…

What is the GST rate for hand sanitizer?

18%List of HSN Codes and GST Rates for Common Household HygieneItemHSN CodeGST RateHand wash340118%Alcohol-based hand sanitizer380818%Gloves401518%Disinfectants340218%3 more rows•Jul 30, 2020

What is HS code for nitrile gloves?

Import Data Of Nitrile Glove Under HS Code 40159030 | Nitrile Glove Import Data Of IndiaDateHS CodeUnit18/Nov/201640159030KGS18/Nov/201640159030KGS18/Nov/201640159030KGS16/Nov/201640159030PRS6 more rows

What is the GST on face masks?

Currently, GST rate on ventilator is 12 per cent; on mask, it is 5 per cent; on test kits, it is 12 per cent; on sanitiser, it is 18 per cent; and on PPE, it is 5 per cent (costing up to Rs 1,000) and 12 per cent (if the cost is more that Rs 1,000 per piece).

Are doctors exempt from GST?

Medical services are GST-free. A medical service is: … any other service supplied by or on behalf of a medical practitioner or approved pathology practitioner that is generally accepted in the medical profession as being necessary for the appropriate treatment of the recipient of the supply.

How do I find HS Code?

EASILY FIND THE CORRECT HS CODEText Search. Enter a brief description of the product for which you want to find out the related HS Code e.g. : “mobile phone” , … HS Code Search. Simply input a valid HS Code like: 7318.16, … CAS / CUS Number Search. Enter a valid CAS Number (Chemical Abstract Number) like: