Why Is My IPod Shuffling When I Don’T Want It To?

How do you turn off shuffle on iPod 5?

If you are talking about shake to shuffle, from the Users Guide: You can turn Shake to Shuffle on or off in Settings > Music (it’s on by default)..

How do you turn off shuffle?

Android: Tap SHUFFLE PLAY. iOS: Tap . Premium subscribers can also control shuffle from the Now Playing bar: Tap the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen (above the menu)….Shuffle playClick Shuffle in the Now Playing bar at the bottom.The order of songs due to play is now mixed. … Click again to turn Shuffle off.

Why is iTunes shuffle not random?

If you’re still using iTunes, you’ve probably noticed that the Shuffle feature doesn’t always seem the most random. … You uncheck and recheck the shuffle button. Doing this causes iTunes to recreate the random traversal path through your playlist (or entire library). It re-seeds the random number generator.

How do you turn off shuffle on iPod 4?

4th Gen. iPod Shuffle: On this model, the on/off button is the switch on the top right of the Shuffle (when the device is facing you). To turn the 4th Gen. Shuffle off, move the switch so that the green color inside the switch is hidden.

Why does my iPod not play songs in order?

you can try to fix this by going to the playlist in itunes, set the order you want, and then right/control click and select ‘copy to play order’. then re-sync (or re-drag) the playlist to your ipod. see if that helps.

Why can’t I turn off shuffle on Spotify?

The big green ‘Shuffle’ is different to shuffle on the ‘Now Playing’ screen as it uses a different algorithm. Open your ‘Now Playing’ (will be the track currently displayed an a banner at the bottom of the Spotify app) and check to see if the little crossing arrows are showing as green. If so, tap it to turn it off.

Why is my Spotify playlist stuck on shuffle?

If stuck in shuffle, go into song view, and deselect (unhighlight) the shuffle symbol (intersecting curvy arrows in lower left corner). Then select any song in your list and it will play in the established order.

Can you turn off shuffle on Spotify free?

Step 1. Open the Spotify app, and go to the ‘Now Playing’ bar at the bottom. Step 2. Click the ‘Shuffle’ icon to turn off shuffle play.

Why does my iPod keep playing the same songs on shuffle?

Your playlist should start to play in a different order. When you turn on shuffle the first time, the songs will keep playing in the same order, over and over, unless you choose to reshuffle them. This is because shuffle puts your songs in a specific order that won’t change unless you tell it to.

How do I stop my iPod from shuffling?

In the player at the bottom of your screen, you can:Tap the Shuffle button. to turn shuffle on or off.Tap the Repeat button. to repeat an album or playlist, repeat a song, or turn repeat off. Don’t see shuffle or repeat?

How do you turn off shuffle on iPod 7?

On your iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device Tap the song that’s playing at the bottom of your screen. in the lower-right corner. to turn shuffle on or off.

How do you turn on an old iPod?

Turn on iPod touch. The Sleep/Wake button is located on the top right of iPod touch. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until you see the Apple logo. iPod touch will boot up and be ready to use.

How do you turn an iPod off?

To turn it off you have to push a button on the click wheel of the iPod. You will push and hold the play pause button until the iPod goes off.